Three researchers talking in front of a computer in the cloud chamber lab


Laboratory measurements of cloud scavenging of interstitial aerosol in a turbulent environment
Source of Support: DOE ASR
Award Period: 09/01/2018-08/30/2020
PI Cantrell, CoPIs C. Mazzoleni and Shaw

Laboratory studies of the effect of turbulence on aerosol-cloud interactions
Source of Support: NSF
Award Period: 01/01/2018-12/31/2020
PI Shaw, CoPI Cantrell

Aerosol indirect effects on optical properties of turbulent clouds
Source of Support: NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program
Award Period: 09/01/2017 – 08/31/2019
PI Shaw, Student Fellowship Chandrakar

An investigation of the suitability of a laboratory cloud chamber for optical radiative transfer measurements
Source of Support: Air Force Research Laboratory
Award Period: 11/01/2016-10/30/2018
PI Shaw, CoPIs Cantrell, C. Mazzoleni

MRI Development: Water vapor and temperature mapping to study cloud-turbulence interactions in the MTU Π-chamber
Source of support: NSF
Award Period: 09/01/2016-08/31/2019
PI C. Mazzoleni, Co-PIs Borysow, Cantrell, Shaw

EAGER: Exploring Aerosol Indirect Effects in a Laboratory Cloud Chamber
Source of Support: NSF
Award Period: 02/01/2016-01/31/2018
PI Shaw, CoPI Cantrell

MRI: Development of a Multiphase Turbulent Reaction Chamber for Laboratory Studies of Atmospheric Aerosol and Cloud Processes
Source of Support: NSF
Award Period: 10/01/2010-09/30/2015
PI Shaw, CoPIs Cantrell, C. Mazzoleni, and L. Mazzoleni