Two groups of researchers at computers on different sides of the cloud chamber


How does the Pi chamber work?


The pressure range is 1 to 0.1 atmospheres and the temperature span is +50 to -55 Celsius, which covers most of the troposphere. We can also control the temperature of the floor, ceiling and walls independently, which means we can set up conditions that give us Rayleigh-Benard convection. We’ve held a mixing cloud in the chamber for over 10 hours.

List of Instrumentation
TSI Atomizer (3076) (2 available for use)
TSI fluidized bed (3400A)
Custom dust dispersal system
PALAS condensation particle generator (MAG 3000)
Custom aerosol dilution system
TSI Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA, 3080L) (3 available for use)
TSI Condensation Particle Counters (3772, 3010, 3025A)
TSI Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS, DMA+CPC (3772))
TSI Optical Particle Sizer (OPS, 3330)
Dantec Laser Doppler Interferometer
Custom Holographic cloud measurement system
WELAS optical particle counter
Brechtel Mfg. pumped Counter Flow Virtual Impactor (CVI)
DMT SP2 Soot Photometer
DMT CCN Counter
Custom photoacoustic spectrometer
Cambustion Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer
Custom 2D cloud imaging system
Custom particle-image velocimetry system
Custom shadowgraphy system
Applikon Analytical Particle Into Liquid Sampler (PILS; ADI 2081)
Lakeshore 218 Temperature Monitor
LI-COR LI-7500A open path H2O analyzer
Applied Technologies, Inc. Sonic Anemometer – V Probe