SS 433: A Journey with the Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method is one of the most powerful tools at humanities disposal. It has guided us out of caves and into the stars. This lesson plan will highlight the Scientific Method and its importance by discussing one of the most unique places in existence. SS-433 is a Microquasar right in our own back yard! It continues to awe, baffle, and surprise scientists to this day. Its engaging story will educate students on how important the scientific method is. It will also enlighten students as to the ebb and flow scientists go through to make discoveries and understand everything our reality as to offer.

Lesson Content Overview:

  • Explain (45 min): A Slide Show or Prezi Presentation that explains not only the various styles of the scientific method, but also connects SS 433’s amazing story to key steps of the Scientific Method.

Connections to Prior Learning:

Supporting Material:

Download the SS 433 A Journey with the Scientific Method Presentation here

Prezi Presentation version found here