We would like to have a combination of presentations, discussion, and hands-on tutorials covering (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Fermi-VERITAS-HAWC science results and works-in-progress.
  • High-level analysis software, data formats etc.
  • Data sharing, MoUs, flare alerts.
  • Synergies with multi-wavelength/multi-messenger partners.

Conference dinner

On Thursday, May 16, we will have a joint dinner at The Den Restaurant in Downtown Houghton. It is within walking distance from the hotels and we can arrange rides if necessary.

We can organize a joint dinner on Friday as well if people are interested.


Please see below for a preliminary schedule.

May 16

9:00 AM(all)
Registration & Coffee
10:00 AMHenrike FleischhackMeeting logistics
10:20 AMPetra HuentemeyerStatus and Future of HAWC
10:40 AMBrian HumenskyAn Overview of VERITAS
11:15 AMRegina CaputoWhat Fermi’s done for us lately
11:35 AMJeremy PerkinsAMEGO
11:55 AMRobert J NemiroffTesting Gravity and Physics by Racing High Energy Photons Across the Universe
12:15 PM(all)Lunch break

2:00 PMKe FangGeV-to-TeV Emission from the Microquasar SS 433
2:20 PMMiguelSpectrum of IC 443 with HAWC
2:40 PMPat HardingCombined Dark Matter searches towards dwarf spheroidal galaxies with Fermi-LAT, HAWC, HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS
3:05 PM(all)
Coffee break
3:35 PMBinita HonaCygnus Cocoon Analysis
3:55 PMChad BrisboisHAWC Observations of the Young Pulsar System associated with the Dragonfly Nebula
4:15 PMJosh WoodSynergies between Icecube and gamma-ray instruments
4:35 PMTyler WilliamsonVERITAS Observations of TeV J2032+4130
6:00 PM(all)

May 17

9:00 AMHenrike Fleischhack/Kelly MaloneHAWC high-energy sources
9:15 AMCori FletcherBALROG localization
9:30 AMAmanpret KaurClassification of new Swift-XRT counterparts for unassociated Fermi sources via Machine Learning
9:50 AMQi FengGotta keep an eye on you – those flares we caught and wanted to catch with VERITAS
10:20 AM(all)Coffee break
10:50 AMChad BrisboisExploring Differences in high-level analysis between VERITAS and HAWC
11:05 AMHenrike FleischhackModeling with naima
11:20 AMChad BrisboisPublic HAWC Data Release: Showcase and Discussion
11:40 AMHenrike FleischhackThe threeML analysis framework
12:00 PMPatStatistics
12:30 PM(all)Lunch break

1:30 PMChadCrab fit tutorial with HAWC
??HenrikeJoint fit tutorial
??HenrikeNaima example/tutorial
4:30 PM(all)Meeting closeout